Sociologist (Eötvös Loránd University of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary), social researcher (Janus Pannonius University of Sciences, Pécs, Hungary), teacher (University of Physical Education), karate grandmaster (Kyokushin), Zen ambassador (Zensyokan Japan), cognitive behavioral therapist and international coach (Atemi Budo Academy). International director of Atemi Martial Arts Budo Academy. MsC Research Methodology and Examination Instructor at the Department of Martial Arts, Hungarian University of Physical Education and Sports Sciences Budapest), International President of the ATEMI Enlightenment Stupa, Founder, Martial Arts for Healthy Children Movement. Highlights of his career: 2007 Kyokushin Shodan Japan; 2009 Japanese Embassy Award; 2009 Kyokushin Nidan; 2011 REIKI Japan Master/Teacher, 2011 Silva Mind Control Certificate, 2012 International Budo Kai “Sensei” degree Sandan; 2013 Head of Physical Department – European Kyusho Academy; 2016 O-1B USA Visa approved Extraordinary Grand Budo Master (South Mountain Martial Arts Center, Grand Master Dayn Derose; 2017 Rokudan Karate-do Federation, Tokyo; 2017 Kyokushin Godan; 2017 Kyokushin Godan “ Shihan fokozat” – Hanshi Istvan Adamy; 2018 Rokudan Hungarian Karate Federation; 2019 Nanadan Goodwill Ambassador-Zensyokan Japan; 2021 Hungarian University of Physical Education and Sports Sciences – Department of Martial Arts MsC Research Methodology Examining Teacher, 2022 Grand Master, technical director Kathmandu, Nepal; 2023 Grand Master, technical director Sri Lanka; 2023 Zensyokan Kyudan Bodhidharma-Kechimyaku Ryutoku Komyo; 2023 Gubaschi Ryu Founder, Judan Title of Dhyana Mahaacharya, Japan. In 2011 he achieved the record of 5000 sit-ups and 500 push-ups in transparent representing children with multiple disadvantages in Brussels. In 2014, he was awarded with the Japanese Embassy in Brussels for his outstanding work in the field of the promotion and cultivation of BUDO culture in Hungary.

In 2018 Martial Arts Professor of The Year Award

In 2022, he was awarded a commemorative plaque by the Hungarian Karate Federation for his work.

In 2023, he was invited by the Nepalese Secretary of State for Sports to Kathmandu for the third time (2016, 2019, 2023) to teach and conduct examinations

In 2023, he was elected as a lay Zen monk and “Goodwill Ambassador” by the Japanese and Nepalese based Zensyokan Monastery (more than 100 monasteries around the world). His name is inscribed on the plaque of the Bodhidharma and Buddha lineage (Kechimyaku). Unique in his peer group, he has been awarded the title of Dhyana Mahaacharya Grandmaster of Zen and Budo and the right to represent his own style. His most popular book is 21 Samurais [3] (2009, narrative volume of interviews with  leading Hungarian martial artists, co-authored with Balázs Barta).

His most popular studies:

* Fight for Others (HEGYEM 2010.)

* Exploring the Dimensions of Physical Activity and Sport in Hungary – methodological research

* DBands Martial Arts- Special Martial Arts Functional Training System. (Instructor Course Manual – USA 2016.)

* Improve Your Body and Mind Balance (Atemi Budo Academy Convention 2020)

For years, he has been monitoring and analysing the development of the domestic internet society. His publications in this field include Max Weber’s Sociology (1996), Robert K. Merton’s Social Theory and Social Structure (1994), Jürgen Habermas’ The Structural Change of the Public Sphere, review (1994), The Restructuring of Hungarian Media (1995), Tanya and Village (1997, ELTE), Ferenc Erdei’s Quicksand, review (1997), The Investigation Hypothesis of Sporadic Settlements (1997). Founder of the Martial Artists for Healthy Children Movement (HEGYEM),[1] where he organises various forms of assistance for children with disadvantaged background. In addition to founding and building the HEGYEM Movement, and teaching and training children, his charitable work includes the transmission of Zen, Budo and martial arts philosophy to children – child protection, and the integration of science and spirituality.