Is Fear Our Master? YES, if we consider it so…

Fear can be our Master if we understand its nature and harness its resources for our own benefit (Dr. Attila Gubacsi Ph.D.) ATEMI BUDO ACADEMY

About me

Sociologist (Eötvös Loránd University of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary), social researcher (Janus Pannonius University of Sciences, Pécs, Hungary), teacher (University of Physical Education), karate grandmaster (Kyokushin), Zen ambassador (Zensyokan Japan), cognitive behavioral therapist and international coach (Atemi Budo Academy). International director of Atemi Martial Arts Budo Academy. MsC Research Methodology and Examination Instructor at the Department of Martial Arts, Hungarian University of Physical Education and Sports Sciences Budapest), International President of the ATEMI Enlightenment Stupa, Founder, Martial Arts for Healthy Children Movement. Highlights of his career: 2007 Kyokushin Shodan Japan; 2009 Japanese Embassy Award; 2009 Kyokushin Nidan; 2011 REIKI Japan Master/Teacher, 2011 Silva Mind Control Certificate, 2012 International Budo Kai “Sensei” degree Sandan; 2013 Head of Physical Department – European Kyusho Academy; 2016 O-1B approved USA Visa Extraordinary Grand Budo Master; 2017 Rokudan Karate-do Federation, Tokyo; 2017 Kyokushin Godan; 2018 Rokudan Hungarian Karate Federation; 2019 Nanadan Goodwill Ambassador-Zensyokan Japan; 2021 Hungarian University of Physical Education and Sports Sciences – Department of Martial Arts MsC Research Methodology Examining Teacher

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